50 Reasons People Give for Believing in a God by Guy P. Harrison

Guy P. Harrison is a columnist and travel writer for a national newspaper. He has won several international awards for his writing.The book under review has 50 chapters. There are about 50 reasons to believe God or not. All the views are put in a perspective manner by the author.He has visited many countries and interviewed almost all great followers of Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Scientology etc.Why should one believe God? Fear was the first thing on Earth to make Gods. Whether He exists or not, play it safe. The author humorously points out that some gods are very jealous and they don’t condone any worshipping of rival gods!Guy Harrison appreciates Hinduism very much. It is the only religion appears united to outsiders because it is one of the world’s most flexible, open and accommodating religions by far. Hindus are told that everybody on earth is born a Hindu. That is why they are not trying to convert anybody into their fold.As a journalist Guy Harrison interviews famous soccer player Pele, Nobel Peace Prize winner and the father of the H-Bomb.He once interviewed a man who was in the Berlin Bunker with Adolf Hitler during the final days of the Third Reich.His vast experience made him to write this book on God!He treats all religions equally and he has given a place for atheists also.He has scrutinized miracle makers and caution us that these could be explained scientifically.Believing in God does not hurt anyone. No one has ever disproved the existence of God. Without religion society would fall apart. Religion brings people together. Under these headings he is giving a number of anecdotes to prove his points.We come across Michael Shermer who was a born Christian turned now as a non-believer.An interesting investigation is ongoing about the possible natural roots of religion in the human mind and DNA. Some researchers think that we may be biologically “hardwired” for religion. They suggest that our brains are structured in a way that makes religious belief not only possible but virtually inevitable.One chapter is devoted for intelligent design. The author points out that there are three primary problems with intelligent design. First, it has no evidence to support it. Second, intelligent design doesn’t say anything about how life was created. Third, intelligent design encourages us to give up on seeking answers because some mysteries of life are too complex to have a natural explanation.Why god punishes innocent people? Take the case of tsunami, on December 26, 2004 which killed many thousand innocent people. 37 percent of the people killed were under the age of eighteen. Why they were punished?The book makes an interesting reading. All about God packed in a single book!But even though the author had extensively travelled throughout the world, he did not meet any great soul like Ramana or Sri Sathya Saibaba, Had he encountered some great souls, he could have got answers for all of his questions!I wish that who are interested in knowing god from different perspectives, may go in for this book.

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